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the mayor of Taebaek City
Sang-ho LEE

It is an honor to hold the 19th KPMC in Taebaek, a clear and refreshing city with a cool wind where can be free from the hot weather.

With local inhabitants, we sincerely welcome to Taebaek for every player, executive and guests.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Bong-su JUNG, KBF president who supports its first holding in Taebaek, and to other Baduk officials such as Mr.

Kyu-seon IM, president of Gangwon-do Baduk Association and Mr. Sang-ro LEE, president of Taebaek Baduk Association who have supported it.

Baduk is a historical human cultural heritage, and the best mind-sport which requires careful strategy and high concentration, loved by men and women of all ages. In particular, Korean Baduk has been attracting world-wide attention for its outstanding performances on the international stage.

In order to become a world-wide Baduk mecca, Taebaek City has been focusing on the ‘Baduk mecca project’ through establishing the Taebaek Branch of Korean Baduk Association and holding many Baduk tournaments.

It will build the best infrastructure in the future so that Baduk players around the world can visit here whenever they want.

All representative players from the world!

Please get on the stage by showing your having honed capacity in Taebaek where is a highland sport resort city with a magnificent environment provided by Mother Nature with her love.

Regardless of the result, I hope the moment would be your priceless opportunity to build friendship and goodwill with other Baduk players and enjoy the beautiful places in Taebaek during the timeframe, too.

I reiterate my appreciation for all the staffs having prepared to hold the KPMC, and sincerely hope the great development of Korean Baduk as well as you all the best.

Thank you very much.
July 1st, 2024
Sang-ho LEE, the mayor of Taebaek City