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<17th KPMC> The representative player of Korea - Kim Jung Sun

date: 2022.06.23 | views: 7

Kim Jung-sun, ranked second in the amateur rankings, was selected as the Korean 17th KPMC's representative.

Kim Jung-sun won the "17th Prime Minister's Cup World Baduk Championship Selection Competition" held at 'All That Mind' Go Stadium in Munrae-dong, Seoul, on the 18th and 20th.

Kim Jung-sun, the winner of the tournament, which was held in a face-to-face match of the tournament, was eligible to play as the 17th Korean representative of the Prime Minister's Cup. He was also given a ranking point.

The Korean national representative selection match at the 17th Prime Minister's World Baduk Championship was given three 30-second countdowns in 10 minutes each. The 17th Prime Minister's World Baduk Championship will be held in Gwangju from September 24th to 30th.