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Prime Minister Bae Closing World Baduk Championships, South Korea's Choi Won-jin runner-up

date: 2020.04.01 | views: 344

The 14th World Baduk Championship was hosted and presided over by the Korea Baduk Association, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Sports Council, and H3 Holdings, sponsored by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Gangwon Province and Yeongwol County, and cooperated with the European Baduk Federation and the Asian Baduk Federation.

The 14th edition of the program was established in 2006 with the full support of the government with the aim of strengthening Korea`s position as the best player in Go. Currently, it boasts the largest scale in the world for a Go competition. South Korea won the title seven times, China six times and Taiwan one time. Kang Chang-bae (2 times), Lee Sang-heon (5 times), Han Seung-joo (7 times), Park Jae-geun (8 times), Yoo Byung-woong (9 times), and Kim Hee-soo (10 times) have succeeded in joining the team.

Choi Won-jin was unfortunately the runner-up, and China succeeded in winning the title for the fifth consecutive year after the 10th event.

"I participated in this contest with the intention of doing my best, and I am very happy that the results are good," he said in an interview with the State Department. The final match was difficult, but luck seems to have followed at the end," he said.

The tournament was held in six rounds in the Swiss League, six rounds of the general line, six rounds of the Dumb, and three times in 40 minutes and 30 seconds. As a result, China's Hexin Amazidan won the championship trophy with a total of six wins. The final match was a five-game showdown between South Korea and China, as expected, but after a neck-and-neck race to reach 278, China's Hein Shin won half-jumped. Choi Won-jin, the South Korean national team's representative, succeeded in turning the tables by breaking the disadvantageous Go game in succession, but failed to overcome the final crisis.

From Aug. 31 to Sept. 4 at the Indoor Gymnasium of Sports Park in Yeongwol County, Gangwon Province, 61 countries from around the world, including host South Korea, 16 from Asia, 32 from Europe, 12 from the Americas and one from the Atlantic states, played high-quality matches.

The 14th Prime Minister's Cup World Baduk Championships, a major festival for the world's basemen, has come to an end.

Prime Minister Bae Closing World Baduk Championships, South Korea's Choi Won-jin runner-up