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The 13th KPMC ends...Liyan LYU from China wins the champion

One Baduk, One World

date: 2018.10.08 | views: 532


Participants of 13th KPMC


“One Baduk, One World”

The 13th KPMC took place at Julpo Bay Tidal Ecological park, Buan-gun from 8th to 14th.


Celebrating its 13th KPMC, players from 59 countries/territories were fighting for a new champion title which won this year by Chinese player, Liyan LYU(7D).


Round 6 ? Chan Ho Jung(7D) vs. Liyan LYU(7D)


LYU has been considered as the most probable champion, he finally grabs the championship trophy after playing an intense game in the Round 6 against Chan Ho JUNG(7D) that finished by resign. LYU wins with complete victory with 6 wins and China defends the championship for 4 consecutive years.


The representative of Korea, Chan-ho JUNG(7D), finished 2nd. He took 5 straight wins against Peru, Argentina, Romania, Czech Republic and Hong Kong. Yet JUNG lost final Round 6 match against Liyan LYU from China, resulting in the 2nd place. Jung describe his loss to LYU and his feelings about the KPMC as follows:

“LYU was very strong. We played a modern opening and I tried to build as thick as I can. But in the middle game stage, I realized lack of territory by counting. So I started to play more aggressively and I collapsed. I heard he became pro recently. I reviewed his game records, but he was a lot stronger than I thought“


Followed by Fukashi MURAKAMI from Japan finished 3rd and Chi Hin CHAN from Hong Kong, China finished 4th.

Yi-Tien CHAN from Chinese Taipei, another player favored to win, finished 7th.

Liyan LYU(7D)

Chan Ho Jung(7D)

Fukashi MURAKAMI(7D)


The 13th KPMC is hosted and organized by Korea Baduk Federation, sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korean Sport&Olympic Committee, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Jeollabuk-do and Buan-gun. Cooperated by Asian Go Federation and European Go Federation.


In the past results, Korea maintains the most winning country with 7 wins while China with 5 wins and Chinese Taipei with 1 win.