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The 13th KPMC is to begin!

date: 2018.10.08 | views: 711

▲ Julpo Tidal Ecological Park in Buan-gun


Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do ? The opening ceremony of 13th KPMC begins in Julpo Tidal Ecological Park from Sep. 8th to 14th.

This year marks the 13th anniversary of the founding of KPMC, 59 players from 59 countries/territories around the world, 15 from Asia, 31 from Europe, 11 from Americas, and 2 from Oceania are set to compete in world’s biggest amateur Go tournament.

Buan is the hometown of the father of Korean Baduk, Mr. Nam-cheol CHO 9P, a great figure in the history of Korea Baduk. The shape of Julpo Bay Tidal Ecological park is in shape of Baduk board and the venue was named as ‘Sudam’, one of the Korean Baduk words. Buan officially registerd the trademark slogans such as “The Mecca of Korea Baduk ? Buan” and “Korean Baduk’s Root ? Buan” and established the world’s first Baduk-themed park in Julpo-myun. Very eager to host Baduk tournament, Buan is hosting KPMC for 3 consecutive years.


Participants of 13th KPMC


Along with the tournament, various Baduk events are held together. Asian Go Federation(AGF) General Assembly will be held in Venue 2nd floor. 13 member countries will discuss current Baduk issues in Asia. ‘Buan Gomso-salt female team’ will visit the championship venue to encourage the players. Along with the director Hyo-jung KIM 3P, Yu-jin OH 6P, Seo-hyun HEO 1P, Min-jung KIM 1P will give out simultaneous games for 20 players.

Seung-jun KIM 9P and Diana KOSZEGI 1P perhaps best known in the west for ‘BIBA’, will host live commentary programs for players. Major games will be broadcasted live on KBF YouTube channel.

There is one special change in this year’s KPMC. Last KPMC, winners had to put game records on computers by themselves, but this year’s KPMC is fully adopted with automatic game record system. Cameras are equipped above each Baduk boards. Once camera shoots the Baduk board, it will be saved and converted as a game record. Matches are recorded easily and accurately. Game records are available on official website of KPMC next day.


Automatic game record system

The opening ceremony of 13th KPMC will begin on 9th of Sep. The main tournament is operated by 6 rounds of Swiss league system with 40 minutes and 30 second 3 times during overtime.

The 13th KPMC is hosted and organized by Korea Baduk Federation, sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korean Sport&Olympic Committee, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Jeollabuk-do and Buan-gun. Cooperated by Asian Go Federation and European Go Federation.

In the past results, Korea maintains the most winning country with 7 wins while China with 4 wins and Chinese Taipei with 1 win.