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부안군수 김종규

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you all for coming all the way here today. Welcome to Buan, the blessed land where people are happy and healthy and where visitors can also feel blessed.

It is my honor and pleasure that Buan is hosting the 11th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship. Buan is a 600-year-old county, which is famous for its seawalls, and keeps growing.

Dear Buduk players from all over the world, this county is the mecca of Korean Baduk.

We have conducted various projects related to Baduk such as registration of the trademarks, ‘Buan, the Root of Korean Baduk’ and ‘Buan, the Mecca of Korean Baduk’. We also created the first Baduk theme park in the world in village Julpo in Buan, which is ‘father of Korean Baduk’ Cho Nam-cheol’s hometown as a tribute to the pioneer of modern Korean Baduk.

Buan is well known for the Baduk arena, which can accommodate 100 people, and the large outdoor Baduk theme park. We host many Baduk competitions such as Cho Nam-cheol Cup Student Baduk Championship as well as other Baduk competitions. We are proud to be the birthplace of modern Korean Baduk.

Finally, let me wish all the participants a good luck and thank everyone who worked hard to make this championship possible. I wish you all and your family happiness and health. Thank you.

Mayor of Buan Kim, Jong-gyu