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신상철 대한바둑협회 회장

President of KBF
Sang-chul SHIN

Welcome honoured guests and distinguished players. As the president of Korea Baduk Federation, it is my great pleasure to host the 13th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship.

Today, we have 61 great Baduk players from the world here at this place under the passion and love for Baduk. I would like to thank all 61 representative players from 61 countries/territories for coming all the way to Buan and I am truly thankful and respectful for your passion and enthusiasm.

In Korea, Baduk is often defined as competition, but at the same time it’s also called ‘Sudam’. Sudam in Korean means that two person can communicate and read the mind of another without speaking a word, thus it is often referred to playing Baduk. ‘Competition’ and ‘Sudam’ don’t seem to coexist, but I believe their harmony is one of the attractiveness of Baduk. Therefore, we have chosen ‘One Baduk, One World’ as the slogan of the 13th KPMC, it means a world united through Baduk.

Baduk is not only a sport and culture, but can also achieve economical and diplomatic effect. We will have Asian Go Federation General Assembly here during the KPMC. Officials have come to discuss the methods to promote the world Baduk. We kindly ask everyone here at the KPMC to send your support for AGF to send out positive influence on the world Baduk.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Nak-yon LEE, Prime Minister of Korea, Mr. Kee-heung LEE, President of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee and would like to thank Mr. Ik-hyun KWON, the Governor of Buan and members of Buan Country Office for letting us to host a successful tournament here in beautiful Buan. I hope all the players the best and to have an everlasting memories.